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Untitled-Artwork - 2022-06-17T161053.980.jpg

Raziel Viana - Hard Surface

Raziel Viana is a main character from my personal project, Harvested Hearts. This hard surface character project is still a work in progress, but I'll be sharing what I have so far.

Design - Molly Brown

3D model - Molly Brown

Softwares - Zbrush, Maya, Arnold, Photoshop

Untitled-Artwork - 2022-06-17T152454.380
Untitled-Artwork - 2022-06-17T152459.401
Untitled-Artwork - 2022-06-17T160841.397
Untitled-Artwork - 2022-06-17T152509.417
Untitled-Artwork - 2022-06-17T152516.615
Untitled-Artwork - 2022-06-17T160527.010
Untitled-Artwork - 2022-06-17T160531.892
Untitled-Artwork - 2022-06-17T160537.349
Untitled-Artwork - 2022-06-17T160541.802
Untitled-Artwork - 2022-06-17T160545.455
Untitled-Artwork - 2022-06-17T155944.056
face retopo
face retopo 2
15 hair test
Raz 4

Refined Concept Sketch

Untitled-Artwork - 2022-06-17T160551.528

Concept Sketch

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