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Untitled-Artwork - 2022-01-15T144005.557.jpg

Enoch, Son of Cain

I tasked myself with creating a main video game character to the best of my ability. Sculpting all his accessories, as well as his weapon, was a new and fun challenge. I was able to play around with Zbrush's new cloth simulation, including its new Dynamic tool.

Design - Molly Brown

3D model - Molly Brown

Softwares - Zbrush, Maya, Arnold, Photoshop

Untitled-Artwork 2 (3)
Untitled-Artwork 3 (2)
Untitled-Artwork - 2021-11-29T103119.971
Untitled-Artwork 1 (3)
Picsart_22-03-16_19-47-33-899 (1)
Untitled-Artwork - 2022-01-15T144842.189
enoch zbrush screencap 5
enoch zbrush screencap 6
enoch zbrush screencap 7
enoch zbrush screencap 9
enoch zbrush screencap 4
enoch zbrush screencap 8
Untitled-Artwork - 2022-01-15T143951.756
Untitled-Artwork - 2022-01-15T143955.335
enoch wireframe 2
Untitled-Artwork - 2022-01-15T144000.016
body-TM1001 (2)
shoulder-cloth-TM1001-copy (2)
Untitled-Artwork - 2022-06-17T171917.334

Concept Art Sketches

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