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Mitosis - Creature Design

Inspired by The Thing, I set out to try and achieve translucent skin for a creature design. The design is meant to be rigged and used in a horror setting. The design was entirely sculpted in Zbrush, retopologized and UV's created in Maya, and then rendered in Arnold.

Design - Molly Brown

3D model - Molly Brown

Softwares - Zbrush, Maya, Arnold, Photoshop

Process Video

Process Video

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Render 1

In a world where humans are on the verge of extinction, a last resort is put into gear. A project begins, a group of scientists stepping forth in an attempt to create a human that can evolve and adapt to any obstacle within minutes. The world is dangerous and desolate, humans unable to keep up with the various changes.

Render 2

The creature was once human, created in a laboratory via a kind of vitro fertilization. They were created for the sole purpose of this experiment, meaning they had no family, no friends, just a white cell with nowhere to go. Their skin was the first to change due to the countless experiments performed. It grew thinner, sooner than later becoming completely transparent. Their body became a window, and they were left to watch the changes happen right beneath their skin.

Render 3
Render 4

This creature is inspired by radiation, and the terrible consequences that follow due to radiation poisoning. The creature performs Mitosis, just like that of a cell, creating an exact copy of itself. However, these duplicates are created more and more disturbing than the last. Some duplicates will have lost their skin entirely, while others will have various limbs. The longer these creatures are left alive, the more they will reproduce, creating more horrifying versions of itself.

Render 5
Render 6
Render 7
Render 8
Render 9
Render 10
Render 11
Render 12
Under Body (bone and muscle) Maps
Skin Maps
Eye Maps
Zbrush Sculpt
Zbrush Sculpt
Zbrush Sculpt
Zbrush Sculpt
Zbrush Sculpt
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