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Neomorph Redesign

I've always loved the Alien franchise, and so, always wanted to try and design an Alien of my own. I decided to focus in on the Neomorph, and try to recreate it taking certain aspects of the original design and amplifying it.

Design - Molly Brown

3D model - Molly Brown

Softwares - Zbrush, Maya, Arnold, Photoshop

Render 1

With this redesign, I attempted to make the Neomorph appear more fleshy and humane. I thought it would be interesting in comparison to the Xenomorph, which is primarily bio-mechanical. I tried to sell the idea that Neomorphs, in order to form in their human host, use the host's DNA. This would make them appear more human, from skin tone, to texture, to anatomical proportions, and much more.

Render 2
Render 3
Render 4
Render 5
Render 6
Render 7
Render 8
Head Map (UDIM)
Torso Map (UDIM)
Arm Maps (UDIM)
Leg Maps (UDIM)
Sculpt and Retopology
Pose and Polypaint
Maya Details
Head Sketch
Neomorph vs Host

Due to the fact my design of the Neomorph is meant to use the host's DNA, their body types, both skeletal and muscular, would vary based on the host.


Iterations based on H.R. Giger's artwork.


Iterations based on the original Neomorph design.

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